I Bought A New Home!

On the internet, that is.

After six months of blogging, I’ve decided to finally purchase my own domain and set up more permanently online. More than anything, it is a sign of my commitment to continue writing publicly. I hereby invite you to my new home:


Much like my own home, it’s a little bit of a mess. The header is not yet perfected, the social media buttons don’t all work, but I don’t wait until my house is Martha Stewart worthy before I invite my guests in – so welcome, grab a cup of coffee, and make yourself comfy.

For my WordPress.com followers, this move means you will no longer receive my posts in the reader. Please subscribe via email on my new site if you wish to continue to follow my posts.

For my email subscribers, please excuse the dust as I move posts over. You may be receiving one to two repeat posts in email, I apologize for this.

For everyone who clicks into my blog from Facebook or other sites: if you have enjoyed reading my writing, please help share my posts, this will help get my new blog off the ground and introduce my writing to others.

Lastly, I love hearing from every single person who reads the blog, so please comment, drop me a message, and de-lurk, it truly brings me deep joy. Remember, I have an intolerance to alcohol – your feedback is my buzz.

Thank you x a million,

TE BLOG. Moving day boxes. 08.23.2011.iStock_000008388519Medium[1]




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